BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
grapeboard-protoRenamed some GPIOs in Grapeboard device treeJoris van Vossen4 years
grapeboard-proto-eth0softfixserial0 alias added in grapeboard dtsvojo4 years
scalys-lsdk-1712Renamed some GPIOs in Grapeboard device treeJoris van Vossen4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-04-24Renamed some GPIOs in Grapeboard device treescalys-lsdk-1712grapeboard-protoJoris van Vossen
2018-03-13RTL8XXXU driver replaced with out-of-tree driver due to low WiFi signal. Adde...Joris van Vossen
2018-02-09Patch revoked due to changed eth0 phy addrvojo
2018-02-09serial0 alias added in grapeboard dtsgrapeboard-proto-eth0softfixvojo
2018-01-22Temporary fix to make eth0 PHY work in LSDK Linux on grapeboard prototypevojo
2018-01-11Grapeboard device tree and defconfig supportvojo
2017-12-13Merge branch 'linux-4.9-nxp' into linux-4.9 on Dec. 13, 2017Xie Xiaobo
2017-12-13Sync talitos driver between linux-4.9-nxp and linux-4.9Xie Xiaobo
2017-12-13crypto: talitos - fix ctr-aes-talitosLEROY Christophe
2017-12-13crypto: talitos - fix use of sg_link_tbl_lenLEROY Christophe