BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
grapeboard-protoGrapeboard related license headers updatedvojo4 years
scalys-lsdk-1803Force default env in rescue flash configuration for GrapeboardJoris van Vossen3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-02-09Grapeboard related license headers updatedgrapeboard-protovojo
2018-02-07Merge commit 'f6b76fd828c6311dec9a84c2658033d98dd75eee' into grapeboardvojo
2018-02-07mtdparts support for qpsi norvojo
2018-01-29BCD data reading implementedvojo
2018-01-18Eth PHY address change to 1vojo
2018-01-17clean-up and variable updatevojo
2018-01-15Pin 17 changed from CLK_OUT to GPIO and SDHC dtb status fixvojo
2018-01-09M.2 SATA testedvojo
2017-12-27grapeboard BCD initial support and clean-upvojo
2017-12-20grapeboard Kconfig clean-up and PBL updatevojo