linux-fsl-qoriqFreescale linux tree with Scalys patches www-data6 years
meta-scalys-armScalys Open Embedded layer for ARM architecture www-data
meta-scalys-commonCommon Scalys Open Embedded layer www-data
meta-scalys-ppcScalys Open Embedded layer for PowerPC architecture www-data6 years
scalys-bspMiscellaneous patches and scripts to support the Scalys BSP www-data5 years
u-boot-fsl-qoriqFreescale u-boot tree with Scalys patches www-data5 years
linuxNXP/Freescale LSDK linux tree with Scalys patches www-data
lsdk-scalys-bspScalys patch for NXP/Freescale LSDK flex-build system www-data4 years
u-bootNXP/Freescale LSDK U-boot tree with Scalys patches www-data